GADC Presents DCDP Van training

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GADC Presents DCDP Van training at Plumbers and Pipefitters. If you are an active precinct chair & deputy precinct chairs – are you helping & working with your precinct chair and organizing a precinct? Please RSVP. Bring your laptop/tablet/phone for VAN use.

Please RSVP at

What to expect? Your precinct turf will be cut for individual analysis for you at this event.

  • Basic VAN – log in (active ID vs user), search, create lists, cut turf, export to MiniVAN (Most people either know this or have access to instruction sheets we’ve been using, but it’s good to start at the beginning.)
  • Data entry – enter responses, etc.
  • Data integrity – What if someone has moved/died/etc.? How should we handle that? And what happens when we do mark someone as “moved” or something?
  • Bigger picture – Where does the data go? Who uses it? Who cleans it? When does it get updated?
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